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The stone army

The bloodiest battle ever to be fought in Iceland’s history, with about 110 casualties in total was the Battle of Haugsnes -Haugsnesbardagi in Icelandic. It was fought at Haugsnes, a low peninsula south of Flugumýri in Skagafjörður, Northern Iceland. The battle was fought on April 19, 1246 between the forces of Þórður kakali Sighvatsson and those of Gissur Þorvaldsson. Þórður was victorious. Among the 110 casualties was Brandur Kolbeinsson, chieftain of the Ásbirningar family clan. Defeat in battle lead to the end of power for the Ásbirningar.

The stone army

The artist and farmer Sigurður Hansen of Kringlumýri has created a memorial for the battle at the site, consisting of more than 1100 boulders in battle order, each representing a combatant. Those who fell are marked with iron crosses.

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Feel like you are driving in a scene from a movie?

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Take a dip while you visit

If you meet an Icelandic expat and ask what they miss the most about Iceland – apart from family and the amazing landscape, naturally – they’ll probably mention the swimming pools.