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We have more than 750 tours for whatever adventure in Iceland you desire. Experience Iceland with Lava! Visit our exclusive tour and operators' desk right here or find inspiration below! Get 5% OFF tours in Iceland with the coupon code LAVATOURS

Boat Tours

Embark on a boat tour in the Icelandic waters, rivers and glacier lagoons

Embark on a boat tour in the Icelandic waters, rivers and glacier lagoons, and explore the country's nature wonders from a different perspective. Whether you want to see the Icelandic sea wildlife, hunt the northern lights in an unconventional way, or sail between icebergs in the glacier lagoon, boat tours offer a unique experience like no other!

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Glacier Hiking Tours

Get ready to explore the Icelandic glaciers!

Grab your boots and get ready to explore the Icelandic glaciers! In these tours, you will learn about the massive natural phenomena and will be provided with all the necessary equipment to walk safely on a glacier with a professional guide. You can complement this tour with ice caving or ice climbing to enhance your experience.

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Highlands Tours

The Central Highlands are a hikers paradise in Iceland

Explore Iceland's rhyolite mountains, green canyons and uninhabited interior, including the popular hiking areas of Landmannalaugar and Thórsmörk, in a tour to the Central Highlands. Book your Hikers Pass and hike and travel on your own, or join a super jeep tour accompanied by a professional guide.

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Hot Spring Tours

Enjoy a unique bathing experience in a warm natural Icelandic hot spring

Enjoy unique bathing experiences in the soothing and warm natural Icelandic waters! Hot spring tours take you to the most popular geothermal pools and spas all around the country, as well as lesser-known gems surrounded by Iceland's volcanic landscapes. Book your admission to your favorite hot springs and relax in the Icelandic waters!

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Ice Caving Tours

Join an ice cave tour in the Icelandic glaciers

Jump on a super jeep to witness one of the world's rarest natural phenomena: a glacier ice cave. The natural blue ice caves in Vatnajökull glacier are available in the wintertime, whilst the Katla ice cave and the Langjökull ice tunnels are open all year long. Book your ice cave tour today and explore the world below the glaciers!

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Northern Lights Tours

Witness the beautiful northern lights in Iceland this winter

Witness the elusive and beautiful northern lights dancing in the sky in Iceland this winter. Jump on a minibus or embark on a boat tour from various locations across the country and hunt the northern lights with a local and expert guide for an unforgettable and magical experience in Iceland.

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Volcano Tours

Explore the interior of a volcanic magma chamber in Iceland

Drive to the incredible volcanic and geothermal areas and enhance your visit by joining unique activities in Iceland's majestic volcanoes such as lava caving, helicopter rides, hiking or visiting the interior of a magma chamber. Explore the recent volcanic eruption from 2022 and the most famous volcanoes in Iceland!

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Whale Watching Tours

Meet the Icelandic sea wildflife in a whale watching tour

Meet the gentle whales, dolphins, sea birds and even puffins in their natural habitat in a whale-watching adventure. These tours are available from different locations across Iceland such as Reykjavik, Húsavík (the whale watching capital of Europe) and Akureyri. Sail in an Icelandic boat and discover the authentic wildlife of Iceland!

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