Rent with Debit Card


Car Rental with a Debit Card in Iceland 

Debit card accepted if Full Protection Package booked

Do you dream of exploring Iceland’s incredible natural wonders? With cascading waterfalls, stunning glaciers and geothermal springs, there’s so much to discover. Your adventure is just a car rental away and Lava Car Rental is here to make your trip even more convenient. Unlike most car rental companies that require a credit card, Lava Car Rental offers you the flexibility to rent a car using your debit card, making your Icelandic travels smoother and more accessible than ever.

We understand that not everyone has a credit card and we don’t think this should hinder your travel plans. Our debit card car rental option lets you start your Icelandic road trip with ease. We offer you the freedom to cruise along Iceland’s Ring Road or venture into the highlands, with full control of your rental experience and no credit card worries.

Car rental companies usually require mandatory credit card details and cards are charged directly for damages. 

Lava Car Rental does NOT take any security deposit at all, for credit or debit card 

Many car rental companies take a security deposit for your car rental at pick-up, meaning you need to ensure that a significant amount of money is available on your credit card during the rental period. At Lava Car Rental, we are proud to offer a more secure and cost-effective solution. 

Rent a car in Iceland using a debit card by opting for the best insurance package

Rather than leaving a credit card security deposit, you can rent a car using your debit card at Lava Car Rental by purchasing Full Protection Insurance package, on the Lava Car Rental website. Please note that if you purchase insurance on a third-party website, then you still need to get Full Protection Insurance package from Lava Car Rental to be able to pick up your rental with a debit card. You can add this package directly at car pick-up.

This is our most complete insurance and has no self-risk. It means you are fully insured for the damages this insurance package covers. For more information about this insurance package, please visit this page.

Thanks to our super-flexible debit card car rental option, a broader range of travellers can experience everything that Iceland has to offer. No longer restricted by credit card requirements, you can explore Iceland's unparalleled beauty and create memories to last a lifetime.

So, if you're considering an Icelandic getaway and want the convenience of renting a car without a credit card, Lava Car Rental welcomes you with open arms. Discover Iceland on your own terms, with the wind in your hair and the open road ahead - all made possible with Lava Car Rental’s flexible and customer-centric approach. Your Icelandic adventure starts here!

Credit and debit cards accepted to rent a car with Lava Car Rental 

We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Union Pay. Prepaid cards are also valid. If you have a credit or debit card that doesn’t fall into one of these categories, please email us to ensure your card will be accepted.

Please note: if you only have a debit card, you must purchase the Full Protection Insurance package.

The main driver must be named on the credit or debit card

We also require that all credit and debit cards be issued in the name of the main rental car driver and valid throughout your rental period. Alternatively, the booking and the main driver should be changed to the person named on the credit or debit card. You can make this change online in Manage My Booking before your trip or at car rental pick-up.