Rent a Campervan in Iceland

Book a campervan in Iceland and discover all that the country has to offer in total freedom and comfort. Campervan rentals in Iceland are very popular among adventure travellers and those that prefer to travel on their own terms, at their own pace, and be flexible in their itinerary.

Renting a campervan in Iceland gives you more flexibility to plan your route since you don’t need to worry about finding accommodation for each night of your trip. All you need to do is find another campsite to stay at and choose your next destination. 

A cheap campervan rental in Iceland is also an excellent solution for the budget-savvy since you can use your transportation as your accommodation. Renting an affordable campervan in Iceland can also be cheaper than booking your car and hotels separately.

At Lava Car Rental, we have a selection of cheap 2WD and 4x4 campervan rentals in Iceland, depending on what your travel plans and needs are. With your camper, you can explore the cities, towns and natural sites of the Ring Road of Iceland or venture off the paved path to the Highlands and mountains! Whatever your route is, your rental campervan in Iceland takes you there.

If you’re traveling in summer, you can enjoy the long days and views of the midnight sun in the countryside from your Iceland camper rental. If you’re coming in winter, you can drive out of the city, and stay cosy and warm in your campervan while you wait for the northern lights to appear.

All our campervans come equipped with travel essentials, including a cooling box, kitchen kit, sleeping bags, camping table and chairs and an electric plug to get electricity and heating at campsites. They all include unlimited mileage and insurance to keep you covered against damage.

Drive, stop and travel at your own pace with your affordable campervan rental in Iceland. Experience the best of Iceland and save money in the process. Book your campervan rental in Iceland today!

Our Campervans

2WD Campervan Rentals

2024 Model
Renault Kangoo Camper Van

Renault Kangoo Camper Van


The Renault Kangoo Campervan is a convenient 2WD car rental choice for those who wish to experience Iceland in total freedom. This 4-door vehicle (side door slides open) seats and sleeps up to 2 people and has a capacity for 1 big and 1 small suitcase. Equipped with a built-in table and seating, a cooling box, kitchen kit, sleeping bags, camping table and chairs, and an electric plug to get electricity and heating at campsites. It comes with an automatic transmission and has heated seats, A/C, cruise control, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and a 12V connector. Explore Iceland comfortably in a campervan that has all the amenities you’ll need. It runs on gasoline. Not suitable for Highlands.

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12.500 ISK

Price includes unlimited mileage

86 EUR | 91 USD | 73 GBP

4x4 Campervan Rentals

VW Transporter 4x4 Camper Van

VW Transporter 4x4 Camper Van


Explore Iceland with total freedom in the Volkswagen Transporter Campervan. It is a 5-door vehicle (side door slides open) and it can seat and sleep up to 3 people comfortably. The car boot can carry 2 big and 1 small suitcase and it is perfect for a couple or group of 3 friends camping together in Iceland. Equipped with a cooling box, kitchen kit, sleeping bags, camping table and chairs and a Webasto heating system to ensure that you have a nice sleep during the night. It comes with built-in seating, Bluetooth and USB/AUX connectors. With an automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive, feel confident in exploring Iceland’s mountains and countryside in this car rental. It runs on diesel. Suitable for Highlands.

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35.915 ISK

Price includes unlimited mileage

241 EUR | 264 USD | 207 GBP

FAQ About Campervans in Iceland

What do we call a campervan?

A campervan, also called a camper, is a vehicle that provides both transport and accommodation.

Why rent a campervan in Iceland?

Renting a campervan in Iceland is perfect for adventurous travellers. It gives you the freedom to decide where to spend the night and it allows you more flexibility regarding your road trip schedule. A campervan rental can also be cheaper than booking a car and accommodation separately in Iceland. Finally, it can also be a comfortable alternative for camping lovers who want to be flexible and sleep in a warm environment at night. For more information about renting a camper in Iceland, read our Iceland campervan guide.

Do I need a special license to rent a campervan in Iceland?

No, a regular driving license is enough to rent a campervan with Lava Car Rental. You simply need to have your driving license for at least a year.

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan with Lava Car Rental?

The minimum age is 20 years old for all cars.

What is included in the campervans? Do I need a sleeping bag?

All campervans include unlimited mileage, insurance and all the equipment needed for your adventure in Iceland: bed with mattress, sleeping bags, pillows, bed linen, blanket, electric cooler, gas stove, water tank, pots and pans, cutlery, dishwashing equipment, foldable table and chairs.

Can I rent a campervan with automatic gearbox in Iceland?

Yes, we offer campervans with automatic transmission, such as the Renault Kangoo.

Can I plug in electronic devices in the campervan?

Yes, you can plug in small electronic devices such as mobile phones in your campervan, but not larger devices like cameras and laptops.

How many days do you recommend to live a complete campervan trip in Iceland?

Usually, it takes 7 days to travel around the Ring Road and make the full trip around Iceland. If you wish to take your time or explore other regions like the Westfjords or the Highlands in your campervan, we definitely recommend traveling for 10 days.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Iceland?

No. Wild camping is legal in Iceland only in tents. With a campervan, you need to spend the night at campsites. 

Since 2015, it is also forbidden by law to park campers outside of local campsites at night. So we recommend you camping at local campsites. You do not need to book them in advance. You just show up.

You can read more information about Iceland's camping regulations and where you are allowed to camp in our guide.

How does it work for toilets and showers while traveling with a campervan in Iceland?

Campervans do not include a shower and toilet in the vehicle. We recommend using restrooms and bathrooms at local campsites and swimming pools available all over the country. 

Swimming pools opens usually every day until late and are cheap to go. Going to local swimming pools is a relaxing way to end a full day of traveling: you can relax in a hot tub, use the steam bath, etc. During the day, you can use restrooms in gas stations, travel information centres and some shops.

Can we travel in a campervan with kids?

Yes, you can travel in a campervan with your kids. We offer the option to add a child seat and booster in the options.

Can I go to the Highlands with a campervan?

Not all campers can go to the Highlands but our VW Transporter Campervan can. That model is a 4x4 campervan and, therefore, you can go on F-roads during summer when the road and weather conditions allow.

Are campervans suitable for driving in Iceland in all seasons?

You can rent and drive a campervan in Iceland all year round but the most popular time to do it is from late spring to early autumn, where most of the campsites are open and the weather is at its best. In the winter, it is recommended to opt for a 4x4 campervan or a 4x4 SUV and stay in accommodations along the way.

Do I have to clean the campervan before returning?

No, you simply need to take out the trash. Lava Car Rental takes care of the rest.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can change or cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the camper pick up. You simply need to send us an email at to request it.