Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, designed to provide you with all the essential information you need about car rentals in Iceland. We understand that planning your trip can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to renting a car in a foreign country. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns or uncertainties you may have.

Iceland is a breathtakingly beautiful country renowned for its stunning landscapes, cascading waterfalls, geothermal wonders, and otherworldly scenery. Exploring this Nordic island is best done at your own pace, and renting a car allows you the freedom and flexibility to immerse yourself in Iceland's natural wonders.

Whether you're embarking on a road trip along the iconic Ring Road, venturing into the rugged Highlands, or simply exploring Reykjavik and its surroundings, we are here to assist you in making your car rental experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From understanding the rental process to navigating Icelandic road conditions, our FAQs cover a wide range of topics to ensure you have a hassle-free adventure on the Land of Fire and Ice.

Our dedicated team of professionals has curated this FAQ section based on years of experience in the car rental industry in Iceland. We are committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions during your journey. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, or if you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.

So, whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning traveler to Iceland, we invite you to explore our FAQ section and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Let us be your trusted partner in discovering the wonders of Iceland while enjoying the convenience and freedom of having your own rental car.

What is the minimum age for renting a car?

The minimum age to rent a car in Iceland with Lava Car Rental is 20 years old.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

You will need a valid driver's license and a valid credit card. The additional drivers also need to show a valid driver's license. Foreign licenses are accepted if they are valid and written in the Latin alphabet. If they are not in the Latin alphabet, you need to come with an official English translation of the driving license.

If the renter can not provide a valid credit card for imprint he is required to purchase the Full Protection waiver.

If you have rented the car through a travel agency, you will need to show the travel agency's voucher.

What is the minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is 48 hours. You can rent the car for 24 hours but we will charge for 48 hours.

How can I pay for my car rental booking?

You can pay for your reservation with a debit or credit card. At the moment of booking, you can choose to either pay the full amount upfront or a down payment and the remaining balance upon arrival.

We accept payments from major card providers, including VISA and MasterCard. Prepaid cards are also valid.

Can I be sure that the selected vehicle is available?

Yes, all rental cars marked as available on our website on a selected date are available.

What is included in the rental price?

The following is included in the price of each rental car reservation from Lava Car Rental's website:

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
  • Gravel Protection (GP)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Free pick-up from Keflavik International Airport
  • Essential equipment for campervan bookings 
  • Exclusive discounts on fuel 
  • Unlimited mileage
  • 24% VAT

What is not included in the car rental price?

There are some fees that are not included in any car rental price, such as fuelling costs, entrance and parking fees, toll fees, towing and damages that are not covered by your purchased car rental insurance.

Lava Car Rental offers the option to add additional insurance and extras to your reservation You can find more information here.

Can I change my booking after the reservation is confirmed?

Yes, you can change your booking up to 48 hours before the car rental pick-up. Please send us an email at or fill out this form and we will modify your reservation accordingly. You can also change it yourself through your personal area in Manage my booking.

Can I extend my car rental reservation once I have picked up the car?

Yes, you can extend your reservation if the car is available on your desired dates. Please contact us at to check with our team.

What insurance is included in my rental car?

All car rental reservations made through Lava Car Rental's website come automatically equipped with the following insurance and a self-risk of 150.000 ISK as a standard:

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
  • Gravel Protection (GP)
  • Theft Protection (TP)

However, you can upgrade to Full Protection insurance to increase your coverage in case of damage and reduce your liability to zero. You can read more about our insurance options here.

Do you offer zero-deductible insurance?

Yes, the Full Protection insurance is our most complete package and it includes all the standard insurance (SCDW, TP, GP) plus the additional Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP) and Tyre Protection (TIP) with no self-risk for a worry-free trip in Iceland.

You can read more about our insurance options here.

Do I have to leave a deposit to rent a car?

We do not hold a deposit from our customers while they have the rental car.

We only need to see a valid credit card on arrival and we will only hold the imprint of the card as a guarantee.

If the renter can not provide a valid credit card for imprint he is required to purchase the Full Protection waiver.

Can I forfeit the car rental company's insurance?

Yes, you can forfeit our car rental company's insurance directly at our desk when you pick up your car. If you do, please make sure that your credit card insurance covers you well. There is no refund of the insurance in case you forfeit it.

Do you have emergency assistance?

Yes, we have 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance. The breakdown assistance is designed to help you in case of accidents and breakdowns. You can call our emergency hotline at anytime at +354 519 4141 during office hours, or +354 419 2400 if you need immediate assistance outside of office hours. 

If you cannot use the car to continue your trip, we will provide you with another car as soon as possible. 

Keep in mind that if the damage is the driver’s responsibility, Lava Car Rental will charge you a service fee.

How do I pick-up/drop-off the car?

  • At the Lava Car Rental's office

Pick-up: Greeting at the office and you leave with the car

Drop-off: You leave the car at the office

  • At Keflavik International Airport

Pick-up: Lava Car Rental Airport shuttle picks you up outside of the departure hall and takes you to our car rental office, located only 5 minutes away. 

Drop-off: You drop off the car at Lava Car Rental's office and our team drops you off at Keflavik Airport with a shuttle. 

More information about the meeting point can be found here.

      Where is Lava Car Rental office located?

      Our office is located at Flugvellir 23, 230 Keflavik, in Iceland. Only 5 minutes driving from Keflavik International Airport. You can see our location on Google Maps.

      Can I pick up and drop off the car at Keflavik Airport?

      Yes, we offer free pick-up and drop-off services from and to Keflavik International Airport during our office opening hours. Outside of opening hours, you can use our self-service option. Check the conditions on this page

      Can I return my car outside of office hours?

      Yes, you can return the car outside of opening hours if you use our self-service option. The only requirement to use the self-service is to purchase full protection insurance along with your rental car. More info on this page

      Do I get a refund if I return earlier?

      If the renter notifies Lava Car Rental at least 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up, he can be refunded the difference.

      If the renter notifies Lava Car Rental less than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up, there will be no refund. 

      Can I drive on F-roads?

      If you only have a 2-wheel drive car (2WD), you are not allowed to drive on roads marked with F.

      F-roads are only suitable for 4-wheel drive cars (4x4). On our list of available vehicles, 4x4 rentals are marked as F-Roads Approved.