Iceland Travel Tips

Stuck in time


Ever been on a trip and forgot about that 1 hour you will gain og loose during daylight savings period in March and November.   It can actually be drastic and at the same time very convenient.  At one time you can be late for the opening of a restaurant but at the other time you are gaining an extra hour to spend in your preferred activity during your holiday. 




In Iceland there is not daylight savings.  The clock never changes from the hour back and forth so do not worry about it the mall is closing sooner and there is no gain of time either. With that said there have been talks in Iceland to start daylight savings time but this would have to go through the government and a legislation at Althingi.  


If it changes we will keep you posted :) 

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Get and stay connected

That dreadful seconds of your day when you realize that you are not fully connected to the internet. How will you ever get by??

"Winter is coming"

Winter is coming will sound familiar with everyone watching Game of Thrones. Watch Will Carmack travel around Iceland looking for the locations Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland. Travelling in Iceland during the wintertime? Great. Ice and snow transforms the scenery and creates magical beauty.

Hardest language in the world?

Perhaps icelandic might be the hardest language to learn in the world. We really dont think so, infact we think it´s pretty easy.