Iceland Today

Small quakes going on

March 29, 2019

The Icelandic Meteorological Office's automatic earthquake system has measured about 2,100 earthquakes at and near Öxarfjörður since it began last Saturday.

About 250 earthquakes have been detected since midnight, but the largest is over 2.5 richter scale. About 10 earthquakes have been greater than 2 since midnight.

The run of quakes continues, though, that no even more earthquakes and, for example, yesterday morning and last night have been detected.

Furthermore, the level of uncertainty in the civil protection is still in force, but the National Commissioner of Police in consultation with the chief of police in the north east declared it yesterday.

There are no signs of lava build up, but it is believed that the rhythm is related to the movement of the fracture band around the Grimsey earth belt.