Travel Tips for an Iceland Vacation

What to Wear in Iceland

At Lava Car Rental, we get a lot of questions about what to wear. The information here is to help you choose shoes, clothing, and outerwear to keep you warm and dry, whether you are strolling the city streets in summer or hiking across the glacier in winter.

The Ultimate Guide For Driving On Iceland’s Ring Road

The best way to experience the beautiful landscapes of Iceland is to rent a car from Lava Car Rental and take a road trip. Luckily, the country comes ready-made for these kinds of adventures. Don't miss the famous Icelandic Ring Road, also known as Route 1.

Hekla Volcano Facts and Risks

Ever thought about climbing to the top of a volcano? You can fairly easily, but there are risks. Hekla has an amazing view from the top and it's not a very hard hike which makes it and popular site to visit, but there is a risk of an eruption at any time. Read on to find out more.

How is the Weather in Iceland?

Iceland is known for unpredictable weather. In one day you can often drive through all 4 seasons. It is also possible to get stuck in somewhere unexpectedly because of a sudden storm.

Driving on Iceland's F Roads

The highlands, also known as the F roads, are quite tricky to traverse in the summers and are closed in the winter except for Super Jeep tours. Read on for more information about these rugged areas!

What Kind of Car Should I Rent?

Choosing the right car for your trip depends on things like how many people are in your group, where you want to go, and what time of year it is. If you‘re just visiting downtown Reykjavík or just rolling through the Golden Circle, a 4x4 is not necessary!

Staying Connected in Iceland: Wi-Fi, Mobile and Data

Iceland is among the top internet users in the world, and our connectivity and speeds are only getting better. Read on to find out more, including how to contact our three main phone providers, or if the readily available wi-fi is best for you.

Cash or Card: What You Should Use in Iceland

How do you pay for stuff in Iceland? Is it better to carry cash, or can you get by with your debit card? Should you exchange your currency before you get here? How do you pay for your rental car? Coffee? Read more to find out all about money in Iceland.

Slow Adventure

Slow Adventure is a form of tourism which allows travelers to create inspiring connections with the outdoors and helps them reflect, reconnect and become closer to nature. Iceland offers Slow Adventure tours in southern Iceland in and around the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull.

Hiking, Biking and Bathing - A South Coast Tour

Looking for an action-packed day tour along the beautiful South Coast of Iceland? This one includes a bike ride to the famous DC3 plane wreck in Sólheimasandur, letting the mists of Gljúfrabúi and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls refresh you, glacier hiking over Sólheimajökull glacier, bathing in Seljavallalaug geothermal pool, and ending the day with a peek into Raufarhólshellir, a lava cave.

Drinking Iceland's Tap Water

The water in Iceland is very clean, and we stand with companies encouraging travelers to Iceland not to drink bottled water. It creates a lot of waste, and the same quality water is free from the tap. Here's what you need to know about water from different sources in Iceland.

Car Rental of the Year 2017

We don't rent out cars to get awards. But we do like awards! Lava Car Rental was awarded "Car Rental of the Year 2017" by Northbound.

General Road Safety

Before you hit the road and head off on an unforgettable adventure, read up o these general safety tips and rules of the road in Iceland. If you are new to driving in Iceland, this is a great place to start!

Do I Need to Tip in Iceland?

Tipping is welcome in Iceland, but not customary or expected. Feel free to show your appreciation to those who are helping to make your vacation wonderful! Read on to learn more about the custom of tipping in Iceland and around the world.

How to Get Started Learning Icelandic

Are you interested in learning the Icelandic language to use on your vacation? Most Icelanders speak English very well, so you won't have a problem if you can't. But here are some tips and information for those who want to learn more.

Iceland is North of The Wall

This video describes shooting scenes in Iceland for season 7 of the HBO series Game of Thrones. The actors and production crew talk about what is so special about the Icelandic landscapes, the big vistas, the unique lighting conditions, and more.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland with Will Carmack

Winter is coming will sound familiar with everyone watching Game of Thrones. Watch blogger Will Carmack travel around Iceland looking for the locations Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland. 

Driving Through a Scene in a Movie: Iceland and Hollywood

If you feel like you are in a movie when driving around the spectacular Icelandic scenery, you are probably in a location used in numerous famous Hollywood movies and TV shows in recent years. On your trip around Iceland in your Lava Car Rental, you can visit places from your favorite movies and even recreate a shot from your favorite movie with you as the new leading star!

Self-Drive Locations Around the Dettifoss Waterfall

Visit the most powerful waterfall in Europe Dettifoss from both sides and the amazing scenery in the area. Accessible in our 4WD rental cars, these sites are perfect for a self-guided tour that will take about 1 day. You'll see waterfalls, craters and volcanic formations around Northern Iceland.

Dragons in Iceland

The Icelandic Sagas contain the first description of the four guardian spirits that protect Iceland, including a dragon. Go hunting for dragons in Iceland and visit the locations with help from Lava Car Rental.

Reykjanes Peninsula Day Trip

Set your own itinerary by renting a car from Lava Cars. You can go where you like, when you like, and choose only those places and things you enjoy. Here are 10 nearby locations on Reykjanes peninsula that you can set out for immediately after picking up your Lava Car!

Explore Iceland on a Budget

At Lava Car Rental, it's our goal to serve our customers in the best way we can, and our new fleet of campers is another way for you to have affordable accommodation during your stay. Built-in beds, lights, and chargers for all your devices are among the standard accessories offered with every car, for your comfort and pleasure.

Icelandic Coffee is the Best

Icelanders have a long coffee tradition and have enjoyed the black drink of joy as early as the 17th century, when records show that prominent Icelanders and Danes in Iceland drank tea and coffee on special occasions. Read on to find out where Icelanders get a good cup of java these days!