Music Playlists for Exploring Iceland

Lava Car Playlist for Summer

This playlist of classic rock tunes will put you in the right mood for a drive in the Icelandic countryside on a summer day!

Lava Car Rental Iceland Spotify Sleep Playlist

Many visitors to Iceland find it difficult to sleep in summer because of Iceland's Midnight Sun. Try this soothing playlist for help drifting off (but not while you're driving!)

Lava Car Rental Iceland Spotify February Playlist

A funky Spotify playlist for your travels through Iceland in a Lava Car.

Lava Car Rental Spotify Playlist for January 2019

Here is our playlist for January. Enjoy the ride with these sweet tunes from our January Spotify Playlist.

Lava Car Rental Iceland Spotify Holiday Playlist

We've put together a Holiday Playlist for you as the daylight fades and the winter chill sets in for the season. Enjoy the festive feeling and have a happy and safe journey in Iceland with our many rental car options!

Lava Car Rental Iceland Spotify November Playlist

We hope you enjoy your visit to Iceland in November! We've put together this playlist of familiar tunes from the 1990s. It includes Hootie and the Blowfish, Guns 'n' Roses, and more!