Iceland Travel Tips

Iceland is north of The Wall

Game of Thrones is back, with season 7 in July 2017. As in previous seasons the Icelandic landscapes plays an important part in creating the magic you see onscreen.

In this short video describing shooting scenes in Iceland for season 7 of Game of Thrones they talk about what is so special about the Icelandic landscapes, the big vistas, the unique lighting condition and more.

Also check out our article on how you can find many of the filming locations used in Iceland.


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Icelandic H2O

Well we might be a bit biast, but we think our water here in Iceland is the best in the world. Have a taste, it´s completely free from the tap.

Facts of life in Iceland

Icelanders consider them selfs the coolest people around. Living in Iceland it should be a given. But there are strange things in our culture.

In Ice Cream we trust

Would you believe that the favorite dessert in Iceland is Ice Cream. Well actually we have a lot of desserts and we have a neck for being a bit of sweet tooths. But well with in the top there is that famous Ice Cream in a cone that you must have a taste of.