Iceland Travel Tips

"Winter is coming"

Winter is coming will sound familiar with everyone watching Game of Thrones. Watch Will Carmack travel around Iceland looking for the locations Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland. 

Travelling in Iceland during the wintertime? Great. Ice and snow transforms the scenery and many come to Iceland to experience the Icelandic winter and many experience snow for the first time in their lives. Ice and snow transforms the scenery and creates magical beauty.

Check out this fun video of Will Carmack travelling around Iceland looking for the locations Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland!! A lot of season 3 and 4 were filmed here and there were many mentions of the winter coming.


Also check out our article on how you can find the filming locations.


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What kind of wild animals are in Iceland?

The only animal native to iceland is the arctic fox, which can be seen sometimes in the countryside. But what looks like a fox from afar can also be a mink, which got here by accident and has made a home for itself, welcome or not.

Choosing a good hotel in Iceland?

Ready to find the best hotel deal for your trip? You start to search online on the frequent booking sites where hundreds of rooms appear. You check out the reviews of the hotels on other websites and get the feel. Finally, the choice you have narrowed it down to two choices.

Enjoy the travel planning phase – Watch some movies!

In recent years Hollywood producers have been visiting Iceland on a large scale, and the Icelandic landscape has become a very big part of some of the world´s most popular movies and TV-shows. Take a look at the destinations of your dreams on the TV screen.