Iceland Travel Tips

What kind of car should i rent on my trip to Iceland?

What are your plans for your trip? Where are you going and what time of year? How many people are you travelling with? Often if you‘re just visiting downtown Reykjavík or just rolling through the golden circle a 4x4 is not always necessary. In the winter it is preferable as an insurance policy, so if you get in a tough situation it‘s more likely that you can get yourself out of it. If you‘re visiting in the summer a 4x4 is essential if you‘re going into the highlands, but in normal contitions it is not usually necessary. When choosing a car it is important to keep in mind what you will be needing from it. If you‘re travelling in a group of 4 or 5 people with some luggage then you might want a more spacious car than a small SUV or a station wagon. See our car right here

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"Winter is coming"

Winter is coming will sound familiar with everyone watching Game of Thrones. Watch Will Carmack travel around Iceland looking for the locations Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland. Travelling in Iceland during the wintertime? Great. Ice and snow transforms the scenery and creates magical beauty.

Lava´s Holiday Playlist

It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling. And everyone telling you be of good cheer.

How is the Weather in Iceland?

Iceland is known for unpredictable weather. In one day you can often drive through all 4 seasons. It is also possible to get stuck in somewhere unexpectedly because of a sudden storm.