Rent a Tesla Model Y in Iceland

Rent a Tesla Model Y in Iceland and travel around the country in one of the most desired and stylish crossovers to rent. This all-electric AWD meets the modern requirements for efficiency, safety and comfort and has excellent performance on paved and gravel roads. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly vehicle to explore Icelandic cities and natural landmarks, the Tesla Model Y is definitely the right car rental choice for you.

The Tesla Model Y seats 5 adults comfortably and has space for about 4 large and one small suitcase in the boot. The rear seats can be folded flat independently to provide additional storage for extra items and make loading and unloading easier and quicker.

It comes with an automatic gearbox and is fully electric, offering you a smooth, whisper-quiet journey and easy driving in Iceland. As it is completely electric, it releases zero emissions and you don’t have to worry about purchasing petrol at a gas station. There is a vast network of electric charging stations located around Iceland for you to conveniently recharge your vehicle during your itinerary.

The autonomy of the Tesla can range between 200-400 miles (300-600 kilometres), depending on the weather conditions. You can easily recharge up to 150 miles (240 kilometres) in 15 minutes at one of Tesla’s Supercharger locations or electric charging stations across Iceland.

The Tesla Model Y is an AWD vehicle and has outstanding performance, handling, traction and stability control on both paved and unpaved roads. The Model Y excels in any type of weather and road conditions in Iceland and is capable in rain, snow and mud. It’s the ideal car rental choice for travellers who want to explore all the beautiful Icelandic landscapes no matter the season.

The Tesla comes equipped with the latest safety features and a compact structure to keep you and your passengers protected against impact. Tesla’s sensors and 360º cameras detect nearby cars, prevent potential collisions, assist with parking and monitor the environment around the car when it's parked and unattended.

The Tesla Model Y’s luxurious interior is fully equipped with modern features to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Some of these characteristics include heated seats, A/C, tinted glass roof, Bluetooth, USB connection and a 15-inch touchscreen display that provides a wealth of entertainment features.

Our new Tesla Model Y is the ideal and eco-friendly car rental choice for travelling around Iceland all year long in comfort and style while saving money on gas on the way.

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Tesla Model Y
Minimum Age: 20
5 door
No Deposit
Air Cond: YES
No Highland
Mileage: Unlimited

Included in all rentals

  • Free Pick up From International Airport 
  • Insurance Included
  • No Deposit 
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No Hidden Fees
  • New Cars 
  • Reliable Technology
  • Discount on Fuel 

Where can I drive the Tesla Model Y in Iceland?

The Tesla Model Y is an excellent car rental choice to drive in Iceland no matter the season. The weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable and can change quickly, so an AWD vehicle like the Tesla Model Y will give you the comfort and protection that you need to drive under possible adverse conditions.

This fully-electric crossover is compact, solid and reliable. It can handle the Icelandic winter weather conditions such as strong winds, icy roads and heavy rain very well, thanks to its AWD capabilities.

The Tesla Model Y can provide an ultimate driving experience on all different types of roads in Iceland. This includes the main paved roads such as the Ring Road, Golden Circle or South Coast…); as well as gravel roads that take you to lesser-known landmarks.

Please keep in mind that, although you can drive the Tesla on gravel roads, it is not allowed to drive with a Tesla on the F-Roads of the Icelandic Highlands. If you are planning to drive on F-Roads, check our selection of 4x4 vehicles.

The Tesla Model Y is a suitable option for travellers who want to experience Iceland in a different way with one of the most desired electric SUVs to rent. It is a great choice for those who value comfort and safety plus the latest features of a modern car. This model is very popular among couples or groups of friends of up to 5 people. Rent a Tesla Model Y today to ensure a unique and pleasant road trip in Iceland!

FAQs About Tesla in Iceland

  • Why should I rent a Tesla in Iceland?

Tesla has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most reliable, luxurious, and comfortable electric cars to travel in. With the Tesla Model Y you can enjoy premium comfort, while saving money on gas and helping the planet. 

  • Can I drive in the Highlands with a Tesla?

No, sorry - Teslas aren’t suitable for driving on F-roads. 

  • Where to charge a Tesla in Iceland?

You can go to electric charging stations. There are many stations in the capital area and all around Iceland, mainly located along the Ring Road. You can see the nearest charging stations with this online map or search for the charging stations on Google Maps. You can find more info about charging stations in Iceland in this article.

  • How often do I need to charge my Tesla?

This depends on several factors including driving style, weather conditions/temperature and the total weight of the car with luggage and passengers. Information on the car’s driving range is relative and to be used for guidance only. In ideal conditions, the Tesla Model Y can be driven for 500 km between charges. 

  • How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

It depends on your type of charger. The Tesla can charge at three voltage output levels– Slow, Fast, and Rapid.

Slow: It will take you up to 24 hours.

Fast: it will take you between 5-8 hours to charge it fully.

Rapid with Superchargers: it will take you 15 minutes to add electricity for more than 300 km.

We recommend picking the rapid charger to spend only a few moments charging your car during your trip in Iceland.

  • How to charge a Tesla?

Go to a charging station, turn off the car, and then simply plug the charging cable into the charging port. You can either wait if it is a supercharging station or leave your car for a few hours if it is a normal charging station.

  • How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

It depends on current electricity prices, but in January 2023 a Tesla could be charged using Fast Charge (DC 50 kW) for 3.750 ISK or $26,13. In comparison, filling a similar gas car at January 2023 prices would cost 15.000-17.000 ISK or $104,52 to $118,46. An electric car is definitely more cost-effective! 

You can also purchase Tesla Supercharge which allows you to charge your Tesla at all Tesla Supercharger stations throughout Iceland at a fixed daily rate.

  • How do I pay for using the charging stations or Tesla superchargers when renting with Lava Car Rental?

You can create an account for yourself at the charging stations and pay on the go OR If you bought the supercharger options, this is included in your rental and you will have nothing to pay.

  • How charged will be delivered the Tesla and asked at drop off?

At car rental pick up, your Tesla will be delivered with more than 70% charged. You will have to drop off with a minimum of 70% charged.

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