Rent a Dacia Duster (Older Model) in Iceland

The older model of the Dacia Duster is the perfect 4x4 car to travel around Iceland on a budget. It offers the comfort of a family hatchback but with all the capabilities of a 4x4. The Duster is popular for travellers who are planning to explore Iceland’s cities and main attractions, while also being capable of venturing across the challenging F-Roads.

This car is fuel-efficient, robust and compact but comfortable and easy to control. It comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and it runs on diesel.

It seats 5 people comfortably, along with 2 large and 1 small suitcase. It has a large boot capacity with the rear seats in place. For couples or solo travellers with more luggage, the backseats can be folded to increase the capacity.

The Dacia Duster is particularly good for long trips, thanks to its high driving position and large mirrors that give great all-around visibility. It offers an excellent 4x4 system with Highlands capabilities, including higher ground clearance and safety features such as an emergency brake assist.

It is equipped with modern features, including a rearview camera, cruise control, air conditioning, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, and a charger, ensuring you have an exceptional road trip experience in Iceland. 

The Dacia Duster is one of the most fuel-efficient and comfortable 4x4 cars to rent in Iceland. It is an excellent choice to suit different types of travellers such as adventurous, budget-savvy, families, couples, small groups of friends and single travellers alike.

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Dacia Duster (Older Model)
Minimum Age: 20
No Deposit
Air Cond: NO
For Highland
Mileage: Unlimited

Included in all rentals

  • Free Pick up From International Airport 
  • Insurance Included
  • No Deposit 
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No Hidden Fees
  • New Cars 
  • Reliable Technology
  • Discount on Fuel 

Where can I drive the Dacia Duster (older model) in Iceland?

The Dacia Duster (older model) is the perfect budget 4x4 car to drive in Iceland all year round, in both the summer and winter seasons.

It can handle the Icelandic rough terrain and winter weather conditions very well, thanks to its 4x4 capabilities. The weather in Iceland in winter can change very fast. The roads can get icy and wet, and the winds stronger, so renting a 4x4 like the Dacia Duster is highly recommended to travel safely and comfortably.

With the Dacia Duster, you can explore the main cities and attractions in the Ring Road of Iceland, such as the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle, the South, the East and the North. In addition, you can drive to less-accessible wonders such as the majestic Icelandic Highlands and the remote Westfjords.

The Dacia Duster has Highlands capabilities, meaning that it is suitable to drive on mountain roads (also known as F-Roads). However, please note that off-road driving is illegal in Iceland, and it is penalised with high fines.

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