Rent a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland

Dreaming of a road trip around Iceland, stopping at all the most gorgeous scenic viewpoints, hiking across dramatic landscapes, seeing the most remote corners of the Icelandic Highlands and beyond? You’ll need the right car to get you there. 

Renting a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland is an excellent option for the intrepid adventurer who wants to travel to some of Iceland’s most rugged landscapes, without being held back by their rental vehicle’s capabilities — or, rather, lack thereof. Perfect for solo travellers and couples, it’s a compact vehicle that can take on gravel roadways, ice, snow and more, so you never have to second-guess your safety as you traverse around the country. It’s easy to see why this is the most popular small SUV in Iceland! 

On a more technical level, there are a few things that make the Suzuki Jimny special. Designed with off-roading in mind — though note that off-roading is illegal in Iceland — it includes just the safety features you need, including emergency brake assist, as well as features that will keep you comfortable on even your wildest adventures. Climate control keeps you feeling great, whether you’ve just gotten back from a rigorous summer hike or a frigid trek up a glacier in the winter. Heated seats help you warm up fast after a visit to a frozen waterfall or ice-filled lagoon. The vehicle’s 12 V connector ensures that all your devices are charged, no matter how far away you are from your hotel or home rental.

The SUV’s exterior design also makes it ideal for uneven or unpaved roadways. The specialized bonnet design makes for better visibility and cutaway bumpers make for greater ground clearance. The light, smaller size also comes in handy when trying to get around or over uneven surfaces. 

The Suzuki Jimny runs on gasoline and is a manual. Because of this, be sure that you’re comfortable driving a manual vehicle before you rent a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland. As you could expect from a vehicle built for off-roading, the Suzuki Jimny features 4WD capabilities that will help you drive on Iceland’s remote, unpaved roadways, like the F-roads you’ll find throughout the Highlands — and make sure to note, as you’re planning your trip, that a 4WD vehicle isn’t just recommended for the F-roads, but actually required by Icelandic law! It’s also suitable for driving around the country in the winter months, when snow or ice may otherwise hold other vehicles back.

Driving a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland is most comfortable for solo travellers or couples, as the vehicle only includes two seats and space for two suitcases. 

Can you picture yourself driving a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland? This popular SUV is a great fit for so many visitors. Check Lava Car Rental’s Suzuki Jimny availability to ensure it’s in stock for your travel dates and then be sure to reserve your rental today.

2024 Model
Suzuki Jimny
Minimum Age: 20
No Deposit
Air Cond: YES
For Highland
Mileage: Unlimited

Included in all rentals

  • Free Pick up From International Airport 
  • Insurance Included
  • No Deposit 
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No Hidden Fees
  • New Cars 
  • Reliable Technology
  • Discount on Fuel 

Where can I drive the Suzuki Jimny in Iceland?

Wondering where you can drive a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland? The better question might be, where can you not drive a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland?

This vehicle can go just about anywhere that you want it to, thanks to its compact size, which makes for easier parking in the city, but also its 4WD capabilities and special design that allows for easier, safer, more comfortable driving on rugged, uneven roads and terrain. You could easily plan a road trip that takes you around the majority of Iceland, and you could plan to drive the Suzuki Jimny the entire time.

Not only that, but you could plan your trip for any time of year, too. Those same 4WD capabilities that make the vehicle easy to drive on rougher terrain also make it a good choice for driving in winter weather conditions.

The only places where you might not want to drive the Suzuki Jimny? You won’t want to take it on F-roads with river crossings; however, when renting any vehicle in Iceland, we advise avoiding river crossings altogether, as they can cause damage to vehicles that won’t be covered by your rental insurance. 

We recommend taking this vehicle to the Highlands or West Fjords in the summer, where it might be difficult to get around otherwise. We also like it for Ring Road itineraries all year long, as the vehicle can easily take on any road conditions you might come across, which is especially important to consider when taking such a long road trip — the Ring Road takes about a week to two weeks to traverse depending on how fast you travel — and a road trip that goes to so many remote locales. 

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