Iceland Today

Speeding Tickets are Expensive in Iceland

January 29, 2019

Icelandic Police Car

A friendly reminder to all our Lava Car drivers to respect the speed limits in Iceland, for your safety and for others on the road. In the Suðurnes district (Southwest of Iceland), police have fined more than eleven drivers for speeding in recent days.

The highest recorded speed was 164 kilometers per hour at Reykjanesbraut, where there is posted speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour. According to the police report, this particular driver was a tourist who was not able to pay the fine when he was served the ticket. Fines of this type of violation can amount to ISK 240,000 (about $1,907 or €1,694).

Please obey the posted speed limit on the road in Iceland. We want you to have a lovely time in Iceland, not worry about paying a huge fine or even losing your license because you couldn't keep it under the limit.