Rent a Renault Trafic in Iceland

This mid-size passenger van is exactly what you need for large groups of family members and friends. It can easily seat nine people, while also holding eight large suitcases and two small suitcases. Everyone will get to ride together, in the same vehicle, and you’ll be paying for just one rental car and the fuel it needs, rather than booking multiple vehicles to get around, a solution that’s not really ideal if you don’t have multiple confident drivers in your group, or if you’re planning on travelling together the entirety of your vacation.

The Renault Trafic has long been considered a reliable mid-size van, used for both passenger travel and businesses, as the vehicle’s body can be customised to fit the individual buyer’s needs. Lava Car’s Renault Trafics feature all the safety elements and entertainment amenities that we know our travelling clients want from their rental cars while in Iceland.

Safety features include an emergency brake assist, a rearview camera, cruise control and a speed limiter. These are all invaluable when driving in a new country, where you may not be as familiar with the road conditions or traffic laws. 

Amenities that will keep your entire crew comfortable and entertained include a touchscreen media centre, where you can access all your device’s features once you connect it via Bluetooth or a USB connector. There’s also a 12 V connector, which comes in handy if you need to charge multiple devices during your trip. 

Air conditioning and climate control will keep everyone cosy regardless of the weather outside and heated driver seats are a must-have amenity during the frigid Iceland winters. 

The Renault Trafic runs on diesel and features an automatic transmission. It’s very important to note, though, that this 2WD vehicle is not suitable for Iceland’s more rugged roads and it’s not ideal for all winter driving conditions. Given the Renault Trafic’s size and capabilities, you’ll want to keep it on only Iceland’s main roads. Luckily, that doesn’t limit your options too much. You can drive around much of Iceland in a Renault Trafic during the summer months, except for in the Highlands, and still around the regions closest to Reykjavik during the winter months. 

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Renault Trafic
Minimum Age: 20
5 door
No Deposit
Air Cond: YES
No Highland
Mileage: Unlimited

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Included in all rentals

  • Free Pick up From International Airport 
  • Insurance Included
  • No Deposit 
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No Hidden Fees
  • New Cars 
  • Reliable Technology
  • Discount on Fuel 

Where can I drive the Renault Trafic in Iceland? 

Since the Renault Trafic is a 2WD vehicle, it’s not suitable for Iceland’s more rugged roads, such as those you’ll find in the Highlands. In fact, it’s illegal to drive 2WD vehicles on Iceland’s F-roads, as these roadways are simply too dangerous for most 2WD vehicles. Luckily, since the majority of the F-roads are limited to the Highlands region, you can still visit quite a lot of Iceland in a Renault Trafic without encountering them. 

If you’re visiting during the summer months, you can drive just about anywhere else you want to go when driving in Iceland in a Renault Trafic. The South Coast, Golden Circle and more are all open to you, so you can plan your perfect Iceland itinerary. So long as you stick to the main roadways, you’ll be fine.

In the winter, things are a little bit different, and driving a 2WD vehicle becomes a little trickier. In the winter months, you’ll want to stay in the most populated, well-travelled areas of Iceland, around Reykjavik, where the roadways are kept cleanest. The Golden Circle is included in this area, as well as the South Coast, but you may not want to travel too far north. 

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