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Jöklulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Safety

February 11, 2019

Waves crashing on iceberg

At Jöklulsárlón glacier lagoon, a tourist risked his life in February 2019 when he climbed on top of a floating iceberg to take pictures, becoming stranded by incoming waves. With this careless act, the tourist joined many others who have risked injury and death by underestimating the water.

Luckily, the tourist escaped this particular situation unharmed. But there are many visitors to Iceland who underestimate the power of the water, whether they are visiting the beach or crossing a river. Several die each year, and that's why we are always happy when a potential disaster turns out well.

An observer onsight caught these pictures above and said that if anything bad had happened, such as the tourist slipping off the rock into the water, he would not have been able to do anything else than to call 112 (Iceland's emergency number).

The man only went up on the iceberg intending to take a picture, but when the sea began to make waves, he was unable to get down again.

Events like these are daily at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and can be highly dangerous and deadly.  Lava Car Rental urges our visitors to show the area respect and be very careful around the icebergs.

There are signs posted in the glacier lagoon area which specifically caution visitors NOT to do what this tourist did. Please pay attention to posted signs and warnings if you make the drive to Jökulsárlón (about five hours from the capital city). 

In order to stay safe no matter where you go in Iceland, please obey all road signs and any areas which are roped or otherwise blocked off, whether it is a hiking trail or a mountain road. These things are there for your safety. 

Man Standing on Glacier in Jöklulsárlón Glacier Lagoon