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Thank you Northbound!

Lava Car rental was awarded "Car rental of the year 2017" by Northbound.  Northbound is an online marketplace for travel services where visitors to Iceland can find and compare prices for various services and activities. A quote from Northbound said that they feel blessed and confident about working with one of the best  car rentals Iceland has to offer. 


This truly is a great acievement for us here at Lava and we are honored. That feeling when you get an award for all the hard work of our staff is amazing and we really receive this award on their behalf. But althou that feeling is good it does not compare to the feeling of satisfied customers returning with a smile on their face. 



We feel blessed and confident about working with some of the best car rentals that Iceland has to offer, and we appreciate all of our partnerships beyond measure.

In 2017, one Car Rental performed exceptionally well, by maintaining a 4,8/5 rating from over 400 verified reviews. A feat managed by their hardworking staff through above and beyond customer experience and personal touches.

We congratulate Lava Auto Car Rental as our recipient of the 2017 Car Rental of the Year award and look forward to working together for many years to come.


Picture: David Pall Vidarsson CEO of Lava Car Rental receives the award from Northbound.

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How much does it cost?

A question on everbody´s libs when they travel and for a good reason. We all want to keep our budget within limits, althou time to time we like to treat our selfs. But here is a short piece on the Icelandic Currency and how much it is worth.

A country full of Elves, Trolls and Sea Monsters, that's Iceland.

There is nothing logical about it, and some say that the Icelandic people are totally mad – But it´s true, we believe in Elves and Trolls, that´s just the way it is! (at least some Icelanders do – Our boss included.) Elves and trolls and are common conversational topics in Iceland, at least when locals meet up with travelers, we´ll tell you stories about haunted buildings in the countryside, or sea monsters spotted in lakes and waters across the country – All over a pint or two of course.

What kind of car should i rent on my trip to Iceland?

What are your plans for your trip? Where are you going and what time of year? How many people are you travelling with? Often if you‘re just visiting downtown Reykjavík or just rolling through the golden circle a 4x4 is not always necessary.