What You Can Expect in Iceland

Black Map of Iceland

103.000 sqkm in size it is almost the same size as the state of Kentucky with population of about 330.000. This means the Island is the least densly populated nation on the planet with just over 3 inhabitants per square km. Located in Europe we have the northernmost capital in the world called Reykjavik. Majority of the Icelandic population live in or in nearby area/towns of Reykjavik, or around 200.000 people. After being a part of the Danish crown (Denmark) for ages, Iceland gained it´s full independence from Denmark on 17th of june (our independence day) 1944.

The weather is usually on every persons libs every day in Iceland. Reason is that it can change with in seconds from windy rain to a sunshine. Being called Iceland you would not expect high temperatures which is a right assumption. Highest recorded temperature in Reykjavik area is 26°C which would be 78°F IN the cold months (December through febuary) the temperatures will be near the 0°C (32°F) Summertime will show at an average of 13°C (56°F) With all this said make sure to always pack warm clothes for your trip to Iceland.

Iceland is located in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) zone and get this, we never change our clock. So there is no daylight savings time switch. We always keep the same time while the world around us change back and forth that one hour. Daylight in Iceland during summertime can last 24 hours, while during the darkest months we only get daylight for about 5 hours out of the 24.

Icelanders speak Icelandic. Surprise, yes propably to somebody with us being such a "rare breed" But expect majority of the population (99%) to speak almost fluent english anywhere you will go. By most Danish is also widly known as all Icelanders are mandated to learn Danish starting in 4th grade. Wanna practise your Icelandic the start with that famous tongue-breaker Eyjafjallajökull.

Other Info:
The currency in Iceland is the Icelandic krona which you can get easily as soon as you land in the country. Some places will accept the Euros and US Dollars but exchange rate might not be to your liking. All major creditcards are majority of the times accepted also. Currency converter here. Speaking of money shops are usually open from 10:00 to 18:00 and when shopping you can shop tax free by just asking when making a purchase. Refund claim is made at the international airport when you depart. Iceland is high in technology so you will be able to find most to the high tech stuff around. With that said most likely your mobile phone should work fine in Iceland. If it does not work there are multiple phone companies that will provide pay-as-you-use mobile cards for your phone. Internet access is everywhere, in majority of hotels and many "WIFI hotspots" are all round Iceland. Electricity in Iceland is 240 volt, 50Hz and normally our sockets are a standard two pin plugs. Coming from UK you will need a plug adapter and from the U.S. you will need a converter for your 110v.