Iceland Travel Tips

What kind of wild animals are in Iceland?

The only animal native to iceland is the arctic fox, which can be seen sometimes in the countryside. But what looks like a fox from afar can also be a mink, which got here by accident and has made a home for itself, welcome or not. If you are by the coast or by some cliffs then it is very often completely covered in birds, mostly seagull, though there are hundreds of species of birds that have been recorded on the island. In the south, mostly the Westman Islands, you might even see some puffins flying about, and if you visit in late winter or early spring, the Golden Plover has often been refered to as the first sign of summer. During summer it is advised to avoid the Arctic Tern, as it can be very aggressive when protecting its nest and is known to dive at people who come to close. If you go to the east-side of the island you may encounter some deer, these are not exactly native to Iceland but have managed to make a decent home for themselves in the east highlands after they were imported in the late 18th century.

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In Ice Cream we trust

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How is the mobile and data connection in Iceland?

That dreadful seconds of your day when you realize that you are not fully connected to the internet. How will you ever get by??