Iceland Travel Tips

That perfect frame

In Iceland the possibilities for a good photoshoot is endless literally. In many cases world renowned photographers have been to the island and cought many of the most spectacular photos that have then ended up as coverphotos of the biggest magazines in the world. 


Diving in "Silfra" lagoon at Þingvellir ended up on the cover of Time


All the elements for that one great photo everybody is trying to get are here.  Great lighting during daylight and sunset. All those mountain views and waterfalls. The glaciers, geysir´s and even volcano eruption (not regularly)  And then off course the most sought after, the northern lights. Possibilities are almost endless.  


For a sample we point you to the homepage of Mats Wibe Lund who has cought some amazing pictures of Iceland.  Also his story is quite a good one.  Mats Homepage


Here are some good locations we recommend just to name a few: 
- Seljalandsfoss
- Skógarfoss
- Landmannalaugar
- Jökulsárlón (Glacier lagoon)
- Diamond Beach
- Vestrahorn
- Kirkjufell
- Þórsmörk



Volcano in Vestmann Islands back in 1973. A picture by Mats Wibe Lund

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Beer on tap and beer in a tub

Ok we like our beer we will admit it. But have you ever thought about getting into a tub full of beer just to relax and enjoy. Make it happen

Ice cold sea swimming

Does not sound like a good idea at all we know. But alot of the locals do it. And why? For health reasons!