Iceland Travel Tips

Tee up at midnight

Due to Iceland’s northerly location, the country experiences 24 hours of sunlight every day over the summer months of June and July. This means that golfers are able to go out and play golf whenever they feel during the day or night.  Midnight golf in Iceland is an incredible golfing experience which many golfers from around the world comes to enjoy. Somehow the golf courses, landscape and the atmosphere is different when you are playing in the night.


Some golf courses might limit the time they allow midnight golf due to the possibilities of offering service like open club house and restaurant. There is a very interesting midnight golf event at Akureyri Golf Club, The Arctic Open Golf Championship.  It is an international event which attracts golfers from various parts of the world. One thing is that the temperature is different in the night from during the day (no exception on this in Iceland) so it is important that players take precaution to prevent i.e. cold by wearing layered clothing and/or  a special kinds of underwear.

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