Iceland Travel Tips

South Coast Iceland

Coming to Iceland for a holiday trip? If you are, we recommend you take a self-drive tour along the south coast of Iceland. Lava Auto offers cars for rent in all sizes to suit all your needs during your stay at bargain prices.

Take road 41 from the airport on to road 43 into Grindavík passing the famous Blue Lagoon and finally on to road 427, once there the journey finally begins.

Lava Auto Car Rental Iceland

Driving road 427 is highly recommended over the summer time, with beautiful scenery surrounding you. The Atlantic ocean on your right side and lava fields and mountains on your left side.


Seljalandsfoss is a majestic waterfall which is easily accessible in all our rental cars. Located at the ring road (road 1).

Only 10 mins drive from Seljalandsfoss you can go swimming in Seljavallarlaug, a geothermal swimming pool hidden up in the mountain, a 15 min hike from the parking lot where you can park your rental car will get you there.

Lava Auto Car Rental Iceland. Skógafoss

After the swim next up is Skógafoss, another beautiful waterfall accessible in your rental car.

After about a 20 min drive from Skógafoss you will reach Reynisfjara, a beautiful black sand beach surrounded by basalt cliffs. Truly Majestic!


After you have visited Reynisfjara head on towards the glacier lagoon.


Music videos

Many musicians have filmed their music videos along the south coast. Here are a few.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland and want to know more about the south coast contact us and we will gladly help you with guidance on how to get to the places above and finding you a cheap car for hire.

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Normally we wouldn´t tell you to take a hike, but...

As Iceland is known for it´s unspoiled, beautiful nature and stunning landscape, filled with mountains, rivers and waterfalls of all sizes, it is by many considered to be the ideal place to travel on foot – But as most of the places we´ll recommend in this list of places to get some hiking done in Iceland are in a bit of remote territories, it could be a good idea to rent a LavaAuto mini-camper, just packed with stuff to make your trip as comfortable as possible, to get you there.

Find the location of Hollywood movie scenes

Here is a new interactive map to make it easy to find locations where Hollywood movies and TV shows have been filmed in Iceland. From Game of Thrones and Interstellar to Batman Begins and Noah, this map makes it easier than ever to track the settings of your favorite movies in one of our Lava Auto rental cars. #LavaAutoAdventures

The stone army

The stone army is a memorial for the bloodiest battle in Icelands history; The Battle of Haugsnes. The memorial consists of more than 1100 boulders in battle order, each representing a combatant. Those who fell are marked with iron crosses.