Iceland Travel Tips

LavaAuto your carrental on the moon?

Well, not quite yet, but some say that a visit to Iceland resembles a visit to the moon. The landscape is according to specialists in this field very similar – At least in some places.

Before becoming the first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong took a few days to practice in the landscape of Iceland, along with no fewer than thirty-two astronauts that received geology field training in Iceland in the late 1960´s – NASA has nice words for stuff like this so it was decided to call it a planetary analog campaign.

NASA made two trips to Iceland, where astronauts spent several days collecting geologic samples, in places like Nautagil, Askja, and Holuhraun – And, just to tell you a little secret: It´s very easy to follow their footsteps, and plan your own planetary analog campaign – You´ll of course need a good car, but that is something we can easily arrange for you in just a few minutes.

If you don´t feel like travelling the same sites as the astronauts did in the 1960´s you can always just visit the Exploration Museum located in the beautiful town of Húsavik. It´s a place you can visit by driving a Toyota Yaris, and guess what? We´ve got cars like that! 

If you need a rental car in Iceland we have good variety of 4x4 and small compact rental cars. We are located by Keflavik Airport and we provide an excellent service.

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Snæfellsnes peninsula

From the west coast of Iceland, the Snæfellsnes peninsula stretches out to sea taking in some of the Atlantic’s worst winds. As might be expected, the peninsula is scarcely populated. Along the south coast the land is mostly flat but no good harbors to be found. Consequently, there are no towns there, and mainly scattered farmlands.

The Arctic Henge

Set in one of the most remote and northernmost villages in Iceland where the Arctic Circle lies just off the coast rises the Arctic-Henge on the Melrakkaás in Raufarhöfn. The Heimskautsgerði is around 50 meters in diameter, with 6 meter high gates that face the main directions

Lake Mývatn and more

Lake Mývatn is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions due to its powerful and peculiar landscape. Lake Mývatn has a large population of water fowl and is surrounded with geothermally active areas, craters and curious rock formations.