Iceland Travel Tips

In Ice Cream we trust

You would never believe it but almost during all seasons of the year, Icelanders go for a Ice Cream all the time.  The ritual of a "Ice Cream Drive" is very common amongts the locals.  In general Iceland has two main producers of Ice Cream (Emmess and Kjörís)  It´s kind of like Pepsi and Coke and everybody has their opinion on which one is better.  Most common Ice Cream drive would be for the family to go for a Cone Ice Cream on the local shop.  Off course selecting the shop that sells their brand of Ice Cream. 
Of course there are other producers that are also very good, like the famous "Valdís" located near the Reykjavik docks. Founded in 2013 this has become one of the most popular Ice Cream stores in recent years with many flavors, fresh Ice Cream which is produced daily at the store. 
So if during a high snow blizzard in a below celsius degrees during the month of january you see a minivan stacked with family members eating Ice Cream out of a cone, that would be operation normal. 

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Age of beer

Did you know that beer in Iceland is not that old. That is, only recently (historically speaking) Icelanders were allowed to sell beer.

How much does it cost?

A question on everbody´s libs when they travel and for a good reason. We all want to keep our budget within limits, althou time to time we like to treat our selfs. But here is a short piece on the Icelandic Currency and how much it is worth.

Justin Bieber will show you

The world famous popstar stopped by in Iceland to make a music video. Spectacular scenes from video have made the locations more popular, and you could go there.