Iceland Travel Tips

Iceland doesn´t have to be expensive – Let the people help you

Even though Iceland is generally considered to be an expensive country to visit, there are ways to explore the country on a cost-effective budget. The staff at Lava auto is always ready to lend a helping hand, so we´ve gathered some helpful tips you could use to make your stay in Iceland a little bit cheaper without cutting (too much on comfort.

Icelanders are genially warm and welcoming people, therefore couch surfing or B&B´s are a very popular solution when it comes down to finding affordable accommodation. There are lot of websites that offer these services around the country – This is also a very good way to meet people and get insights from Icelanders that will guide you to some of the wonders of the country you would probably not find on your own.

At Lava Auto, it´s our goal to serve our customers in the best way we can, and our new fleet of campers is a another way for you to cut costs in accommodation. Built in beds, lights, chargers for mobiles and computers are among the standard accessories offered with every car, for your comfort and pleasure. But better yet, almost every town in Iceland, small or big, offers affordable camp sites to park the campers, with access to everything you´ll ever need for this kind of travel.

In Iceland grocery stores are at almost every corner, and almost every hostel, camp site and guesthouse offers access to a kitchen – Even our campers are equipped with a stow, so cook your own food using the best Icelandic ingredients.

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East Coast Iceland

The region is characterized by deep and narrow fjords, vegetation and widespread forestry as well as the beautiful mountains and highlands. Anyone who likes hiking, outdoor adventures or simply just filling their lungs with unbelievably fresh air will love a visit to the East.

Feel like you are driving in a scene from a movie?

If you feel like you are in a movie when driving around the spectacular Icelandic scenery, chances are that you are in a location used in one of numerous famous Hollywood movies and TV shows. On your trip around Iceland in your Lava Auto rental car you can visit places from your favorite movies and even try to recreate a shot from your favorite movie with you as the new leading star.

Normally we wouldn´t tell you to take a hike, but...

As Iceland is known for it´s unspoiled, beautiful nature and stunning landscape, filled with mountains, rivers and waterfalls of all sizes, it is by many considered to be the ideal place to travel on foot – But as most of the places we´ll recommend in this list of places to get some hiking done in Iceland are in a bit of remote territories, it could be a good idea to rent a LavaAuto mini-camper, just packed with stuff to make your trip as comfortable as possible, to get you there.