Iceland Travel Tips

How much does it cost?

The Icelandic krona (Crown) has been in use since 1855 when the first bank notes were issued.  The name króna (meaning crown) comes from the Latin word corona (not to be confused with the Mexican beer) In the begining Iceland was forced to devalue the Icelandic króna in 1922, by 23% against the Danish krone, which saw the beginning of an independent monetary policy in Iceland, and was to be the first of many subsequent devaluations of the króna. 

Today the króna truly is somewhat of an argument here in Iceland. Some people say that the economy is to small for it´s own currency and want to bring in Euro. Other say we are fine but we are not going to get into all that.  What we want to do is tell you that the krona fluctuates some what.  For instance today the economy predictions are not the brightest so buying a krona is "cheap"  Which means turists get more for their money. 

For your currency exchanger, you can go to this site.

This is and daily updated site with the currency rates from most currency to the Icelandic krona (ISK) 

You can also order your currency in this site.  One less thing to worry about for your trip to Iceland. 

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Let´s keep it on the road

One of the main reasons you come to Iceland is the sheer naturality of the country and beauty. Well that is what we like to think. We love our country and it´s raw purity, and we like to keep it that way. Sadly there are very few black sheeps out there.

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Enjoy the travel planning phase – Watch some movies!

In recent years Hollywood producers have been visiting Iceland on a large scale, and the Icelandic landscape has become a very big part of some of the world´s most popular movies and TV-shows. Take a look at the destinations of your dreams on the TV screen.