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How is Icelandic New Years eve?

The holiday season in Iceland is a time of joy and full bellys (yeah we like our gourmet meals at and around this time) Christmas runs for 3 days (24-26th Dec.) and after that the anticipation for a new year starts.   Dont be alarmed, you will start hearing fire works being shot on the 27th of december.  The Icelandic SAR (Search and Rescue) start their biggest fundraiser for the year by selling fireworks. (Note: These are the guys that take of from work at any time of the year and run into any kind of situation in any kind of weather to search for people who get in trouble or get lost in Iceland. Completely probono work)  

Come 31st of December the anticipation starts rising like a 4WD climbing a steep hill of a mountain. During the day every now and then a firework is shot up in the air.  The sky is lighting up slowly with fire works all over town. No area is a restriction area! And then, a dead calm at 10:30!  What happened,  did the fireworks run out?  Is there a restriction after 10:30?  No non of these are the case. There is a TV show puts and end to the show, for now.  This is a annual comic TV show which has been running in the Icelandic channel 1 since 1966. The shows contend is a brief but at the same moment an exact aim at events of the year.  A comic relief that targets the big issues with politics, artist and all other known issues that happened that year. Popularity rating of the show are in the same class as Lava Car Rental customer satisfaction ratings. Up and above 91% which is one of the highest TV show populatiry rating int he world. 

TV show ends at 11:30 and the fire works-curtain starts falling slowly, but surley.   Icelanders start their fireworks and increase it all the way to midnight.  Come midnight the sky is lid!!  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!  Absolute breathtaking experience and again like nothing you have seen before.  No holds bar, every Icelander who wants can shoot up a firework. 

Now there are couple of places that are better than others if you wanna catch the moment for instance, on a camera.  At Hallgríms Church plaza you will be on a high ground in Reykjavik.  Víghóll in Kópavogur (Town next to Reykjavik) is another spot and Öskjuhlíð right by the Pearl restaurant is also a great place.  If you want more info our award winning staff can answer all your questions. 

There are also bonfires across Iceland which are lid up at and around 8:30. These bonfires are used to "burn your old year away", get rid of bad stuff and look forward to a new begining with a new year. Or that is what some people use it for, others just love seeing a big pile of old wood being burned. 

Below are a couple of videos can give you a glimpse, but in our opinion just give you a tease of what you will experience.  And then a classic schene from a Hollywood blockbuster.  Enjoy!

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