Iceland Travel Tips

Greatest football summer of all

Iceland is preparing for it´s greatest football summer of all time.  Football (Soccer in USA) is the most popular sport on earth and you can find a field in almost every little town in Iceland.  On the same matter all these towns have their own football club competing in the Icelandic Championship.  Most of the top league teams are near the Reykjavik area and they compete in the "Pepsi league"  
How ever the big show will be in Russia as Iceland heads to it´s first ever trip to the final for the world cup. Smallest nation ever to play in a final of this worlds most favorite sport. So between the time of 14th of june until the final game on 15th of july this summer, you are certain to find a café or a pub showing some of the games on their TV screens.  If traveling outside of that time and feel the hunger to see a game. Figure out a local team in a town you are traveling to or from and go see them play. It wont be the same class football as played in Russia, but you´ll see how the locals love their team, no matter what the class of play is. 

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Culture Night in Reykjavik

Culture Night, or “Menningarnótt“ is a festival that takes place in Reykjavík on a Saturday around the 20th of August, over the course of a day and spanning well into the night. All sorts of cultural events takes place on the day of the festival.

How is Icelandic Christmas?

Christmas in Iceland has most of the regular "ammneties" that the rest of the world has. But then there is the special stuff we have like the christmas cat and the unusual christmas drink.

Age of beer

Did you know that beer in Iceland is not that old. That is, only recently (historically speaking) Icelanders were allowed to sell beer.