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East Coast Iceland

Stapi in Stapavík

The region is characterized by deep and narrow fjords, vegetation and widespread forestry as well as the beautiful mountains and highlands. Anyone who likes hiking, outdoor adventures or simply just filling their lungs with unbelievably fresh air will love a visit to the East.

Above you see Stapi in Stapavík, East Iceland. You can find this spot right by the main road nr. 1 on the way between Höfn & Djúpivogur


Höfn is a small fishing town just off road 1 known for its delicious lobster restaurants. Just like in the USA, the east coast offers the best lobster (no offence Seattle). They even have a big lobster festival at the end of June.



Breiðdalsvík is a beautiful village 2 hours away from Höfn surrounded by big mountains. We love Hótel Bláfell, wich is a romantic country hotel. 

From Breiðdalsvík you can either head on up the eastfjords via road 96 and drive along the coast trough the nearby fishing villages, or you can keep on driving route 1 and head on to Egilsstaðir, the capital of the east.


Egilsstaðir has various tourist activities for example many waterfalls, horse riding tours and lets not forget the Lagarfljót lake. The tales tell that a underwater seamonster has lived in the lake for centuries, so bring your camera along. You might get lucky and see it for yourself. It might be it we see in the video below.

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Slow Adventure

With the fast moving technology age swifting by, there is a way to relax and enjoy your activity in Iceland. It is called Slow Adventure and the name says it all.

Westfjords of Iceland

The northwestern part of Iceland is geologically the oldest part of the island, with basalt cliffs over 50 million years old. It was one of the last regions covered by the glacier of last ice age and still has some snow cover left, mainly in Drangajökull glacier which covers an area of around 175 square kilometers. The glacier, which has relatively recently receded, has carved out deep and wide fjords along the costs, creating a breathtaking landscape.

The village at the end of the world.

Patreksfjörður is one of the wonderful adventure places in Iceland. You need to rent a good car to enjoy Patro as residents call it and all the wonders nearby since the road there is both long and hazardous and the drive takes six hours from Reykjavik through beautiful and diverse nature and steep mountain roads.