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Age of beer

Did you know that beer is propably one of the youngest drinks in Iceland!  Sort of speak. It was only as far as 1.march 1989 that a ban was lifted on Icelanders that finally allowed them to sell beer in their local liquer stores.  This ban of alcahol dates all the way back to 1933. Before that alcahol was completely banned in Iceland. In may 1988 Althingi passed a legislation legalizing beer again and year later like said before, 1. of march beer was allowed and is the date know by locals as the "beer day"
With all this said and history only dating back to 1989 many local breweries have risen in Iceland brewing an amazingly good beer. For us to recommend a beer would not be fair to anybody but out of the local beers many say that the "Viking" beer is the most solid for the tastebuds. The beer that has had most exposure out of Iceland is the "Einstök" brewery line of beer.  As with all beers, seasonal brewing is also very popular in Iceland (Summer, Christmas, Easter) 
So we recommend to go ahead and have a taste of the locals, for sure you will be surprised on the quality.  Just remember to park that car and leave the keys at home :) 
Here is a pretty good article on 5 of the "Must try"


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