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There are approx. 130 active and extinct volcanic mountains in Iceland, of which 18 have erupted since human settlement of Iceland circa 900 CE. The count of volcanos are mainly due to the Island being situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Basically, the country is in the middle of or on top of two tectonic plates and has 30 active volcanic systems running through the island.


The last volcanic eruption in Iceland took place between August 2014 and March 2015 at Holuhraun in Bardarbunga (middle of  or north of glacier Vatnajökull) No person has died because of direct connection to a volcano in Iceland with the volcanoes nevertheless been very deadly indirectly. 


The tounge breaker that made the headlines in 2010, Eyjafjallajokull is located in the south region of Iceland and is sitting next to the most dangerous volcano Katla. Through out history Katla has always erupted after Eyjafjallajokull but furtunantly not in 2010.   Back in the old days an eruption draw quite the crowd when hundred and even thousands of Icelanders made theyr way to the volcano to watch the eruption.  When endless amounts of ash and lave started spouting out people off course got out of the way. 


In Vestman Islands back in 1973 there was an eruption which caused all the Island to become very dangerous.  It ws in early hours of january 23 that a large erupting crevice tore open the earth on the east side of Heimaey. This eruption lasted until july 3rd of same year. Most of the inhabitants left the Island with only 500 people who stayed behind, including people from the fire department and police department. Today you can visit Vestman Island and visit a house that has been dug up which was actually covered with Lava. 

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