Iceland Travel Tips

2 of 13 reasons why


We continue with our list of reasons why to visit Iceland and here we have reason number two. 



With straight translation it would be called "The People´s pools" and the name really does describe the natural beauty of the area very well. Primarily know for it´s natural geothermal baths, Landmannalaugar truly is a area of stunning views all over. Nestled next to Laugahraun lava field with dried magma formed in 1477.  The mountainside will dazzle you with it´s rural colors that really creates a golden moment for your camera. 


Centuries ago Landmannalaugar served as a pit stop for the vikings who travelled long routes accross the land. A shelter  where they could relax in the soothing springs after a tiring trip on their horses.  At that time they certainly went in full mounty style but now a days you should bring your Speedo (or similar) and a towel in case you find a hot pool that suits the weather. 


To get there we suggest going Sigölduleið, a route that takes you through a stunning natural sites including Bláhylur lake, a water located in a volcanic crate. We would suggest a renting a Lava 4x4 to drive this route.    There are also multiple daily tours from mid June to mid September and you can do camping there. Also there is a moutain hut equipped with sleeping bags and accommodation for up to 80 visitors. 

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Ever thought about climbing up top on an volcano. You can fairly easily, but there are risks. Hekla being one of the most active volcano´s in Iceland has an amazing view from the top and it´s not a very hard hike which makes it and popular site to visit.

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WIth accumulated sales of more that 100 million records sold, at last (many Icelanders say) they are taking their talents to the north. Smash hits like "Welcome to the jungle" and "Sweet child of mine" will be roaring the valley of Laugardalur in coming july.