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Since you are already on your way to Iceland we have some ideas for you to go ahead and check out. For you that are serious about visiting but need that nudge, this should be the nudge you need.  We have 13 reasons why and we will start with the number one reason why you should definently visit. 



This phenom is also know as aurora borealis in Iceland. Being an Icelander, this spectacular view still amazes us every time we see it.  Best time to view this beautiful sceenery is in September, October or March and April. Northern lights are a demonstration of the earth´s mangetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun. These also occur during the day but we can only see them with the naked eye after dark. 


Best viewing spots are in high northern latitudes during winter. You need clear dark skies, so take into weather, times of sunrise and sunset and the moon phase.  Sightings are most likely during the three or four hours around midnight. The lights are usually about 60 miles high, sounds like alot but if you are under them it feels like you can touch them. 


Travel by a Lava Car to Þingvellir during these suggeted dates and times above and if you are lucky the sceenery will be something you will never forget.  There are realtivly no lightpoles there so you should see it very clearly. You can also check out the Aurora forcast on the Icelandic weather website. 


Wanna photograph the Northern lights.  Here is a tutorial we found for you. 



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1 of 13 reasons why

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