Iceland Today

What does this sign mean?

March 19, 2019

We at Lava Car Rental have gotten some questions regarding a traffic sign that is around the country.  It really is one of the first signs you see when driving away from the air terminal. 

The sign is big, has a bunch of numbers on it and some pictures also which frankly speaking, it can be confusing for some.  So here we go, we are going try to explain a little bit to you guys about the sign. 

So first of, seat belt and lights are mandatory at all times when driving in Iceland. NO EXCEPTIONS!  They are for your safety and other drivers as well.  Regarding the lights, most cars (not all) in Iceland are equipped with daylight savings light equipment. This will keep the lights on the car at all times and you dont have to worry about turning your lights on.  Before you head on out to your trip, start the car and check. Or ask our reward winning Lava staff.  They will know. 

So first column with the city limits not crossed out tells you that speed limit (unless other signs tell) within city limits is always 50 km/h.  There can be smaller streets that have 30 km/h and signs will be there to tell you.  But general rule is 50 km/h

Second column has the city limits crossed with red and a white road. This is to tell you that in gravel roads the speed limits is down to 80 km/h

Third column you are again outside city limits and you are on a pawed road. In that case you have reached the MAX speed limit in Iceland which is 90 km/h  Unless you are driving a truck or have a camper in tow, the speed limit keeps you at 80 km/h.