Iceland Today

Weather: Looking good for next couple of days

April 5, 2019

The weather report for the next couple of day is looking fairly good. 

A slow northeastern winds part of the day and a lightly cloudy in the south of the country, but cloudy and occasional showers in the north. East winds  5-15 m/s (9-29 knots) tomorrow, most wind at and around the south coast. Cloudy but easy showers eastern, otherwise bright weather. Temperature around 2 to 8 degrees by day, but often zero degrees in the night.

The forecast for the next few days
Northeast winds 3-8 m/s today, but 8-13 m/s NW and at the SA coast in the afternoon. Cloudy  in the south country, but cloudy and occasionally showers in the north country.

On Saturday:

Eastern winds of 5-15 m/s, highest winds in the south. Lightly cloudy in the country, mostly cloudy but precipitous. Temperature 2 to 8 degrees by day, but mild frost in NA landings.