Iceland Today

High winds affecting flights to and from Iceland

April 13, 2019

Very high winds in the region of the Keflavik International Airport are affecting all flights to and from the country.  Yesterday winds were gusting up to 50 km/h which is a point of a rather dull dilemma.  When winds reach this point, aircrafts can land without any problems but deboarding the aircrafts can not be done at the airterminal walk bridge because it can damage the aircraft.  This is the same case with the air stairs. 

Yesterday some people had to sit in their aircraft after landing upto 5 hours waiting for the wind to slow down.   Wind started to slow down at and around 21:00 last night at which point all flights to the west (USA) were cancelled due to numberous reasons but mostly because crew members had past their curfew time. 

Predicted today is the same high winds so please stay focused on the Keflavik Airport website to watch for delays or cancellations of your flights.