Iceland Today

A hole in my aircraft window!

March 12, 2019

When looking out your aircraft window you admire the beautiful view you have along with thinking "How amazing it this. Sitting in an aluminum tube with all the comforts the world has to offer like food, wifi, entertaining tv program" and then you suddenly discover there is a small hole in your window. 

Is this normal? There is a hole in my aircraft window, is it normal? Should there be a hole in my window? It is only a hope that you will consider it for yourself, as a very reasonable reflection.

However, this small hole should not cause you any concern, since behind it there are very reasonable explanations, these are just air holes. But why does every single window in the cabin have to have these holes? The windows in aircrafts are normally divided into two, the outer part is completely sealed and keeps the aircraft pressureized, the inner part is "failsafe" and the hole ensures that there is equal pressure between them so that the outer part holds all pressure.

This small hole also makes it impossible for fog build up on the windows. This air hole is designed to release moisture that otherwise settles between the plastic and the actual window outside. You can breathe slowly and continue to enjoy the scenery.