The nature of Iceland is unlike anywhere else on earth. As an island in the north Atlantic, it offers a huge host of activities you can do and beautiful vistas you can see all over the island. The ecosystem of the island is very delicate, though, with roads planned carefully through rough terrain so as not to disturb nature.


Weather in Iceland can change in a matter of minutes. We recommend that all of our customers be very informed about the weather and road conditions in Iceland, so you can have the best possible travel experience. The Icelandic Weather Service is always up to date, and the Icelandic Transport Authority is another site which is useful for all aspects of travel.

Highland Roads:

Highland Roads (also called "mountain roads") are only accessible with a good 4x4 WD car, and only in summer. During winter, these roads are closed due to poor driving conditions and visibility, and some do not open for the summer season until July.

Rental cars that are not 4x4 WD are not allowed on those roads by law, and rentals with 4x4 WD are allowed at the driver’s own risk. For up-to-the-minute information on road conditions, make a habit of checking the Icelandic Weather Service website before you get on the road.

If you are not a confident driver, especially on single-lane country roads or unpaved areas, Lava Car Rental offers an Extra Driver for 3000 ISK per rental.